Spring Cleanse

Below is my favorite Spring cleanse, taken from Dr. Thomas Rau’s book “The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health” which will soon be available at Nature’s Medicinary.

The first few days, you may feel a bit weak or even sick as you body releases toxins. I recommend you start the day before you have 2-3 days off of work if possible. After the toxins are release, most people say they feel better than they ever have in their life!

To detoxify from inside the cells you may also want to add homeopathic drainage remedies to speed up the process and work deeper and more efficiently.

Unda # 2, 48, 258 (for kidney cleanse  OR #1, 20, 243 (for liver cleanse) you can alternate if you wish to cleanse both.

Take 10 drops of each (3) twice a day, may take them one right after another or add them to water but DO NOT mix them together.


  • All fruits and vegetables should be both fresh and organic.
  • Water used for drinking and cooking should be non-carbonated and non chlorinated. Spring water is recommended.
  • Grated raw vegetables are an important part of the program, so pull out the shredding disk or your food processor or use the large holes on a box grater.
  • Once you discover how delicious organic vegetables taste when lightly steamed, you will stop thinking of them as diet food and begin looking forward to them.
  • No table salt (sodium chloride with chemicals) ever! Choose naturally evaporated sea salt or Himalayan salt.


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Tip of the Week

Home-made Air Sanitizer

Replace your artificial home air fresheners with a home-made air sanitizer by combining a few drops of  thieves essential oil with water.  This can be sprayed in the air or directly on surfaces to reduce the concentration of pathogenic microbes.