Castor Oil Pack



         100% un-dyed cotton or wool (size to fit area)

         Castor Oil

         Plastic wrap (enough to cover area treated and material)

         Heat source (hot towel, hot water bottle)

Caution: Any heat source has potential to burn the skin and should be monitored carefully. NEVER go to sleep with heating pad or hot water bottle on the area being treated.


1.   Initially saturate the cloth completely with castor oil. (Note: Cloth can be refrigerated, saved and re-used many times.  Put cloth in plastic bag and refrigerate until next use. Heat before next use.)

2.   Apply saturated cloth to bare skin over area to be treated.

3.   Cover cloth with plastic wrap making sure the entire area is covered to avoid any castor oil from getting on clothes or heat source. Cover with clothes or towel.

4.   Apply heat source on top of towel or clothing and secure.

5.   Listen to music, read, meditate or whatever you choose to do to relax.

6.   Each treatment length should be about an hour if a heat source is used.  If you do not use a heat source, the pack can be left on overnight.  If left on overnight, make sure the pack is well covered, as the castor oil will stain.

7.   Simply wipe off the area and/or shower to remove the castor oil from the skin.

Repeat as often as your physician recommends and report any unusual or different reactions or responses to your physician as soon as they occur.  Castor oil packs are used for many things and are safe to use on all age groups.  Most common reaction is to the material used, so be careful what you use.  Castor oil can go rancid so keep unused portion in the refrigerator or a cold place.  DO NOT USE SPOILED CASTOR OIL!  If the treatment cloth should begin to smell spoiled, throw it away and use a fresh clean piece.

Sprains, strains, fractures, bruises: Castor oil applied topically will greatly reduce pain, swelling and discoloration due to soft tissue injury. Apply directly to the infected area. Continue treatment as necessary.

Infected wounds: cover the wound with a castor oil fomentation. Change dressing at least twice daily. Continue until the inflammation is relieved.

Sinus headache: Applying castor oil directly to the sinus areas for two hours or as long as overnight, provides relief from the pain and the tight, stuffy feelings.

Chapped or blistered skin: the emollient properties of castor oil make it excellent for soothing chapped lips and dry, irritated or blistered skin.

Non-penetrating eye injuries: castor oil helps to prevent bruising and bleeding resulting from a blow to the eye. A few drops placed in the eye will bring almost immediate relief from the pain caused by snow blindness or a scratched eyeball. Dirt or foreign bodies will be floated to the corner of the eye for easy removal.

Ear infections: Warmed castor oil dropped in the ear can lessen the pain caused by infection.

Cosmetic: Castor oil is effective for relieving puffy eyes, wrinkles and sun exposure.

Constipation: Using the castor oil abdominal pack can quickly and painlessly aid in the elimination process.

Post surgical care: Applying castor oil to the involved area speeds healing, aids in restoring normal body functions and tends to reduce scar tissue.

Castor oil has a profound influence upon the lymphatic system and the autonomic nervous system. As castor oil is absorbed through the skin it moves through the lymphatic channels stimulating the natural healing ability of the body to break up any congestion present. The pain and swelling from injury is caused, in great part, to the interruption of fluid.

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