The Colon & Colonic Therapy

Despite the importance of health as measured by sustained vitality, stamina and especially freedom from pain, most people do not understand how health and healing actually work.  Ignorance of the function and importance of the colon – also referred to as the large intestine or lower bowel – is an example.  The colon plays a crucial role in the well being of the entire individual.  Its influence includes psychological and emotional dynamics as well as the physical.  Constipation is a chronic issue today largely unrecognized by modern medicine.  Colon cancer is now the most common manifestation of that so-called “disease.”  It is imperative for complete health and improved healing potential that people understand the nature, function, and care of the colon.

The large intestine is the last section of the gastro-intestinal track.  It consists of a hollow ribbon of smooth muscle approximately 6 to 8 feet long and about 2½ inches in diameter.  This smooth muscular tube is collected like an accordion into pouch-like sections referred to as ‘haustra.’  The actual function of the colon is water reclamation – reabsorbing water from metabolic wastes to re-hydrate the body.  This function depends on appropriate water consumption and a diet rich in natural fiber.  Appropriate consumption of water guarantees sufficient fluid content in the bowel for proper elimination of wastes.  Natural fiber provides both roughage and necessary bulk to move waste material.  It helps sweep the interior mucus membrane clean while also assisting muscle contractions in moving waste out of the body.  Natural fiber also helps retain moisture in the bowel to prevent constipation.  While a wholesome diet and exercise are also essential for good health, they are only as viable as a person’s ability to eliminate toxic waste materials daily from the system.

When people become the least bit dehydrated due to insufficient PURE water, the colon works overtime to make up for the loss.  This natural process dries out and compacts fecal material in the colon leading to constipation.  All fluids are NOT equal despite medical conditioning to the contrary.  Any beverage that contains even remote traces of nourishment (or chemical toxicity) must be treated as a food.  Such fluids need to be filtered or digested – a process that can take more than an hour – before the fluids are available to the system.  Most commercial beverages today actually increase dehydration or the loss of water by over stimulating the body and urinary system.  For example, for every 8ozs of coffee or black tea consumed the body looses 16ozs. of water due to metabolic stimulation and diuretic action (the same or worse water loss may be true of soft drinks, concentrated fruit drinks, alcohol, and other commercial beverages).  As a consequence the body turns OFF its natural thirst mechanism to avoid increasing water loss.  Medications, supplements, and refined foods further dehydration, being extremely concentrated substances requiring extra water for appropriate assimilation.  Add to these factors the ever increasing pressure of the pace of modern society – which encourages children and adults to ignore their natural urge to “go” – and it is NO wonder 95% of the population or more are potentially dehydrated and dealing with constipation.  The number of people who only move their bowels ONCE every TWO Weeks is astounding.  Yet many of these people have been told by their doctors that this is “normal” for them!!

“JUNK foods” or highly processed “foods” have generally been striped of natural fiber, most nutrients, and fortified with chemical additives.  Almost without exception these products promote the formation of excess mucus in the body.  This mucus coats the interior of the bowel.  Intestinal muscle contractions serve to spread this material, while squeezing residual  water out to be reabsorbed for vital functions.  As water is absorbed from this mucoid slime it becomes a sticky, glue-like coating.  “Solid” wastes therefore accumulate and compact into the various folds and pockets of the bowel.  The drier the waste matter becomes the harder it is to eliminate.  When a person finally acknowledges the urge for a BM the only portion actually eliminated will be the inner moist core where moisture remains.  The colon can retain more than 50 pounds of fecal matter and still go to the bathroom daily.    This contributes to straining, hemorrhoids, painful eliminations, or NO daily elimination.  Ultimately the colon can become so impacted with waste that the only thing that will pass is a watery BM, which most people mistake for “diarrhea.”   
The bowel functions below the level of conscious awareness.  As a result the colon’s muscular contractions go unnoticed until the urge to eliminate occurs.  Thus most people are entirely unaware of bowel issues until conditions become severe.  When the colon is constipated the entire body is constipated.  The tissues throughout the body do not eliminate metabolic wastes appropriately.  Water reclaimed from the colon can contain recycled waste materials and bacteria.  This pollutes the bloodstream, places a strain on the immune system, and takes space away from healthy nutrients and oxygen.  The consequence is a burden on the system and the slowing of metabolism leading to general fatigue and illness.  A healthy body should ideally eliminate three times daily in keeping with the number of meals consumed.  According to medical autopsy the average person is dying with 7 to 20 pounds of waste material in the large intestine.  It is estimated that 98 percent of all ills originate in the bowel.

It is hard for a person to be vital, think clearly, or feel good when the internal environment is full of poison.  The ‘Fight and Flight’ stress response shuts down digestion and stops elimination.  Depending on the nature of the environment where a person lives, many people are going through “Fight and Flight” every fifteen minutes and don’t even realize it.  When a person is anxious or worried they don’t feel the need to “go” because they are “up tight.”  When a person is emotionally disturbed, angry, or suppressing normal feelings, they are likewise shutting down elimination.  This psycho-emotional energy influences the muscular tone of the large intestine causing tension and contraction that can literally tie the gut into knots.  Sections of the colon can become malnourished, constricted, and atrophy (or shrink up) from lack of muscle tone or nourishment, or may become over-stretched and ballooned with layer on layer of accumulated fecal matter.  Much of what passes for “obesity” today may be pounds of retained waste.

Colonic therapy – also referred to as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy – provides a dynamic yet gentle solution to the increasing problem of chronic constipation.  Colonic therapy assists the body by:

  1. properly re-hydrating the system;
  2. helping to soften, breakdown, and remove old waste materials;  
  3. re-stimulating healthy intestinal activity and muscle tone;
  4. stimulating overall elimination throughout the body;
  5. purifying the blood stream of toxic metabolic wastes;
  6. removing the burden from immune function by removing excess wastes;
  7. restoring the healthy and proper bacterial balance;
  8. healing irritations and inflammation in the colon caused by excess toxicity and putridity;
  9. encouraging production of particular nutrients formed only in the colon;
  10. removing harmful parasites and/or keeping bacterial imbalances (yeasts) in check.

A Colonic involves gently massaging and washing the colon out with pure water.  Using a “speculum” inserted rectally, warm water is allowed to gently and continuously flow into and out of the bowel.  The water temperature and pressure are constantly monitored.  The inflow and outflow of water stimulates the natural muscular contractions of the colon.  The water enters at a mere trickle and is squeezed out by normal bowel contractions.  NO retention of water is necessary as with an enema.  Solid waste is removed with the release of the water through a closed system without undue strain, discomfort, or odor.

It is important to stress that the therapeutic value of Colonic therapy requires a “series” or multiple sessions to be most effective.  Colon issues do NOT occur over night.  Correcting them likewise takes time.  Thus multiple colonics are generally recommended on a weekly basis over time.  All healing takes time and consistency, despite the common desire for “silver bullet” remedies.  It takes time to re-hydrate, break down, and remove the potential layers of old fecal matter that form in the bowel potentially for years.  It takes time to retrain the colon’s healthy function and restore proper muscle tone.  However, drinking sufficient water and having regular colonic therapy makes a series much more comfortable and effective.  Colonic Therapy may be the most effective and beneficial preventative measure a person can do for greater health and vitality.

Colon-hydrotherapy provides a wide variety of individual benefits both directly and indirectly aside from improved hydration.  People have experienced improved digestion, greater nutritional assimilation, better circulation, increased mental clarity, renewed emotional balance, more vital energy, improved immune function, relief from chronic pain, greater hormonal balance, relief from “allergy symptoms,” and improved sleep, to name a few of the myriad benefits.  Naturally, these results are highly individual and depend on the overall health of the client and the lifestyle.  The more a person cooperates with the therapy by eating better, exercising, resting, and especially drinking appropriate pure water the greater good the individual colonics will accomplish.  Health is a lifestyle, not something done when a person feels bad.

Another aspect of colonic therapy is the insertion of probiotic bacteria directly into the bowel.  Probiotics consist of numerous strains of “friendly” bacteria that normally and naturally exist in the colon.  These provide a wide range of benefits.  When a person is constipated, harmful bacteria tend to take over the colon producing indigestion, foul gas, bloating, and the root causes of “dis-ease.”  Probiotics injected rectally directly into the colon help restore normal, healthy balance to bowel flora.  It is estimated only 7 to 15% of probiotic supplements taken orally actually reach the bowel.  Friendly bacteria produce specific nutrients, heal irritations, digest & loosen fecal matter, improve natural immune function, and keep harmful bacteria in check greatly improving overall health.     

Colonic therapy is a wholistic process influencing the entire person.  While colon hygiene appears to focus exclusively on the colon, the entire body responds when the colon is healthy and active.  Colon-hydrotherapy is a KEY aspect of natural, PREVENTATIVE health care today.  However, the benefits of colonic therapy will only be enhanced by making them part of a wholesome lifestyle.  Consider incorporating the following into your daily routine for more vital optimal health:
Proper PURE water consumption

  1. A whole-food, organic plant based diet
  2. Appropriate and consistent exercise
  3. Sufficient relaxation AND natural sleep
  4. Appropriate deep breathing
  5. Appropriate expression of emotions
  6. Quality metal stimulation
  7. A simplified lifestyle and pace of living
  8. Healthy personal/social relationships
  9. Peace of heart, mind, and Spirit
  10. Personal creative self-expression
  11. A love for life and living and faith in Goodness.

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