Nutritional Oncology Research Institute High Dose Selenium Therapy

This article is a short summary describing high dose selenium therapy for the treatment of cancer. No one should attempt to self-administer this treatment. High dose selenium should only be administered with the supervision of a qualified medical professional. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Please contact the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute for a referral to a clinic or doctor that has been properly trained on the protocol. Selenium is toxic and may be fatal at excessively high doses.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral necessary for health and longevity. Selenium is incorporated into many seleno-enzymes and has a wide array of functions related to cellular growth regulation, cellular reproduction, DNA repair and cellular oxidation/ reduction balance. Selenium is found in varying amounts in most foods but the level of selenium is dependent on soil selenium level. Brazil nuts have the highest level of selenium compared to any other food source.The famous NPC human clinical trial demonstrated that supplementation with 200 ug selenium lowered the risk of prostate, lung and colon cancer by greater than 50%. The form of selenium used for this study was selenized yeast. Many animal studies have demonstrated that selenium supplementation prevents the formation of tumors when animals are exposed to carcinogens.

Selenium was used at one time for tumor imaging because malignant tumors preferentially take up selenium. The radioactive isotope Se75 as sodium selenite was injected and the patient was scanned by a gamma camera. The long half-life of Se75 was a limiting factor for this technique. Modern PET imaging uses a radioactive glucose solution for tumor imaging called 18-flouro-deoxyglucose (18FDG). Cancer cells metabolize unusually high levels of glucose so the tumors light up on the scan.

Numerous cell culture studies using human cancer cell lines demonstrate that various selenium compounds trigger apoptosis in cancerous cells while causing no harm to normal cells. Sodium selenite is one of the most potent forms of selenium and triggers apoptosis at levels between 2.5 to 10 micro moles. This scientific evidence has been in existence for 30 years. Due to patentability issues and the high cost of clinical trials this knowledge has never been exploited by conventional medicine.
> It is believed that the primary mechanism for sodium selenite cytotoxicity is an oxidation/reduction reaction that releases excess reactive oxygen species (ROS) that triggers apoptosis. This reaction takes place within the mitochondria. Normal cells are unaffected for several reasons.

Currently, high dose selenium therapy uses the inorganic form of selenium, sodium selenite. Sodium selenite is the form of selenium used in most of the animal and cell culture studies. Very small amounts are required for a pharmacological response Sodium selenite is administered by a one hour IV drip for three days every other week. The exact dose is adjusted according to body weight, height and estimated tumor load. High dose selenium treatment is a form of chemotherapy with the advantage that there are no side effects and normal cells are unaffected. If any side effects occur they may be any of the following: garlic breath, hair loss, brittle fingernails and nausea. The high dose selenium protocol is designed to lower the risk of side effects and selenium toxicity. During therapy, it is important to monitor blood cell counts and liver function. No changes in blood counts or liver enzymes have been observed in our clinical studies.

Sodium selenite can potentially be administered orally but is sensitive to food and digestive juices. Ongoing research conducted by the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute will develop a sublingual tablet to enable at-home treatment. This will be a very low-cost cancer therapy and can be combined with other natural non-toxic cancer treatment protocols.

High dose selenium therapy may be a potent standalone therapy but it is best to combine it with other natural treatments. A 100% plant based diet is a minimum adjunct to the treatment. A raw food vegan diet is better. A juicing program is even more beneficial. The Breuss Cancer Cure is a juice therapy that uses a combination of beet, carrot, celery root and radish. The key feature of these dietary programs are very low fat and protein. Please refer to the article on amino acid restriction on this website.

The Nutritional Oncology Research will be involved in many clinical studies using high dose selenium along with other natural cancer treatment protocols. Most of the studies will be conducted within the naturopathic medical system and with integrative oncologists. Naturopathic physicians are licensed to administer high dose nutritional supplements within 15 states. Arizona has the most liberal laws regulating naturopathic and alternative medical practice.

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