Botanical Medicine

Botanical or herbal medicines are derived from plants. Nearly all of the pharmaceutical agents are a derivative of an isolated chemical constituent of a plant. This is the only way the drug can then be patented and synthesized. Historically, plants have been used in the whole form for thousands of years. When using the whole plant, often it not only the chemical constituent that creates the desired effect in the body but also other partnered constituents that protect the body from serious side effects.

Plants may be eaten in their whole form, used as spices, brewed as tea, ground into powered and placed in capsules or distilled with alcohol to remove certain chemical and phytonutrients. Powders are often placed in capsules and alcohol extracts are called tinctures.

Your Naturopathic physician at Partners In Health Care, Naturally has been highly trained in botanical medicine and can use these powerful plants to assist your body in healing. Understanding the plants action is extremely important when considering drug/herb interactions.

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Tip of the Week

Home-made Air Sanitizer

Replace your artificial home air fresheners with a home-made air sanitizer by combining a few drops of  thieves essential oil with water.  This can be sprayed in the air or directly on surfaces to reduce the concentration of pathogenic microbes.