Victoria Abel MA, MNT, CAN

Victoria_Abel.jpgVictoria is our staff nutritionist. She has been practicing in the field of addiction recovery since 1994. She has been a family, trauma and primary therapist for dual diagnosis in-patient treatment as well as eating disorders treatment. She is presently a professor of Human Development at Prescott College and owner of Center for Addiction Nutrition. Through C.A.N., she consults with treatment centers nationally and facilitates independent training on Addiction Nutrition. Victoria has worked with patients who have been diagnosed with a cancer, during treatment and through recovery.

She works with Dr. Zieve in reviewing a patient's lab and other test results, and then works with patients and their food issues to develop practical and effective individualized food programs for patients with a cancer, and teaches food preparation to patients and their families.

The goal of implementing a well-designed food program is strengthening the immune system, decreasing inflammation and increasing vitality. Victoria is experienced in T. Colin Campbellā€™s work in plant-based diets, supplementation to aid in reducing damage from cancer treatments and lifestyle changes that decreases patient's chances of reoccurrence. Her compassionate and realistic approach to treatment, along with her sense of humor, has been helpful to thousands of patients in her years in the field. Her experience in the field of addiction recovery has aided her work in the field of cancer as most of us have certain issues around food. Some may experience cravings based on current appetites and/or early life patterns of eating. A health crisis can be a calling; a calling for us to pay more attention and resolve hidden food conflicts that can and often are related to developing cancer.

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