Newton E. Bunce

NewtonEBunce.jpgHealthy Focus:

Newton Bunce returns to Partners in Health Care bringing expertise in colon hydrotherapy.  He has been providing colonics in Prescott, Arizona since 1997, as part of his business: Healthy Focus.  As the name implies, Newton is deeply committed to assisting others focus on health.  With a passion for wholistic health (spelled with a “W” deliberately to emphasize “wholes” over holes), Newton has devoted himself to supporting ALL of who we are. 

Additionally a master herbalist, iridologist, and whole food nutritional consultant, he prefers modalities that impact people at all levels of BE-ing.  He sees each person as a “snowflake” that is: one of a kind - and ultimately possessing Spiritual, feeling, thinking, and social dynamics, as well as the physical.  Recognition of biological individuality is a corner stone of his profession outlook.  Believing that true health and healing ultimately are more a matter of the heart and consciousness, he entered seminary and was ordained a “non-traditional” minister-chaplain in 2004.  Completing a Doctor of Divinity degree later, he subsequently served as a hospice chaplain and bereavement counselor.  Most recently, he has studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and also attained professional certification as a Human Design Specialist, adding this powerfully insightful system of Self-discovery to his list of services.

A modern renaissance man with a love for learning and endless list of interests, Newton describes himself as a mystic, philosopher, artist, and perpetual student.  With a warm, caring personality, rich sense of humor, and intense devotion to the natural Life, Newton brings the integrity of living what he teaches, quiet sensitivity, and “highly contagious” health to all he offers.

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